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Comparing the 2008 Canadian Listeriosis outbreak and 2005 Hurricane Katrina response


Maple Leaf

Stakeholders in the Maple Leaf outbreak included consumers, victims and families of victims, employees, investors, corporate management, vendors and suppliers, media, and Canadian local, regional, and national government and national population. Populations in the seven provinces that reported confirmed cases and related deaths particularly held stake in the handling of the crisis. More specifically, the province of Ontario, which reported the most confirmed cases and deaths due to the outbreak (41 and 16), was a major stakeholder.

Hurricane Katrina

For the Katrina disaster, stakeholders primarily included the Gulf Coast regional population; families and loved ones of the affected region’s population; and local, state, and federal agencies and government officials. Other stakeholders included businesses, employees, and consumers in the region; all consumers of products and services of the region; businesses from other regions offering products and services to the affected region; armed and volunteer personnel called in to assist with the disaster relief efforts; media; and the international community. Also, other American states and areas of Gulf Coast states not directly impacted by the hurricane were stakeholders as they managed an influx of refugees and sent resources to help with the effort.

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