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Comparing the 2008 Canadian Listeriosis outbreak and 2005 Hurricane Katrina response


Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf’s tactics in supporting its four strategies – sanitation protocols, testing, training, and food safety leadership included the following:

Strategy: Sanitation protocols

  • Daily sanitization procedures to seek, find, and destroy bacteria
  • Changed traffic patterns to minimize risk of cross-contamination, including color coding employees by coats designating where they can travel
  • Disassembling and sanitizing parts of slicing equipment, including boiling and baking parts
  • Physical improvement to walls, ceilings, floors, drains, airflow, and controls for condensation
  • Run plants at consistently cooler temperatures to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Adding shrouds, sleeves, and aprons to entry requirements

Strategy: Testing

  • Strengthened sample, testing, and data analysis
  • Doubled testing sites and number of samples on every line in the ready-to-eat plant
  • Review testing samples separately and as a whole
  • Has two government accredited testing labs and will soon have a third

Strategy: Training

  • Wrote new protocol into standard operating procedure
  • Thousands of hours spent by employees learning new procedures

Strategy: Food safety leadership

  • Created position of Chief Food Safety Officer (CFSO) currently held by Dr. Randall Huffman
  • CFSO identifies global best practices in food safety and new food safety technologies
  • Developed food safety advisory council consisting of global experts in food safety, food microbiology, and food science
  • CFIA inspectors are on site to monitor all food processing at all Maple Leaf processing facilities
  • All plants are federally registered
  • An independent company reviews proficiency of Maple Leaf microbiology testing three times a year
  • Turnstile entry restricts access to ready-to-eat plants until bio-secure hand washing and sanitization is complete
  • Participates in annual food safety audits
  • Performs quarterly exercises to test ability to trace product through the supply chain

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