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Amy M. Hodges’s online teaching portfolio

It all started in the DMs – with a Twitter direct message. Amy M. Hodges, PhD, messaged me to help her revamp her WordPress blog into an online teaching portfolio. She’d been teaching at the university level overseas (currently at Texas A&M at Qatar) for the past few years and hadn’t had a lot of time to get all the good stuff about her work onto her site. In fact, she was about to fly to the English Across the Curriculum conference in Hong Kong when we started the project! It has really been a treat digging into Amy’s portfolio and bringing it to its online home in a way that’s accessible and expressive of her gifts as an educator.
“My vision is that the website reflects how I see myself as a person and a professional: open to new experiences and ways of being, interested in all students/people having a voice and using it for their own goals, and committed to making the world a better place – one paragraph at a time.” Amy M. Hodges, PhD (Instructional Assistant Professor of English)


screenshot of Amy Hodges old blog site
Previous version: Looked very much like a blog. The front page featured recent posts and had a dark brown/olive greenish background with off-white text. Links to Teaching, CV, and Research don’t stand out from other text.


Screenshot of Amy Hodges website
Latest version: Looks like full website. Background is white with black text for greatest contrast. Added a background photo of Kuwait sunset. (Photo by Amy, edited for site by me.) Links to Home, CV, Teaching, Research, Leadership, Personal Essays, and Contact sections/pages are displayed prominently in the left side menu along with social media links. Amy’s “about” info and picture are featured on the home page.
Take a deeper look at how awesome Amy is on!