Creating a personal leadership philosophy

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How I turned a 4-page research paper from 10 years ago into a 171-word leadership philosophy for now and the future.

Elevate Leadership Camp website

Picture it: Coffee shop, 2019. I was being a cliche in a corner chair working on my laptop. A guy I recognized but didn't know from high school came in, and a little bit later signaled “hey.” His name was Cornelius, and we exchanged pleasantries and got into the “So what are you doing nowadays?” … Continue reading Elevate Leadership Camp website

This the Future: Prologue + Roll Camera!

PrologueWhat does the future look like? I think it’s green and yellow and blue - warm flowing into and out of cool in the right places, sometimes bold and sometimes laid back. It’s deceptively powerful silvery gray and bluish gray. And vibrant, tingling orange. And black. Not black how people use it to connote something … Continue reading This the Future: Prologue + Roll Camera!

Commencements, Remembrances, and CELEBRATIONS!

[Quick note: Ran into someone in the store the other day who said “I’ve been following you on Tumblr and Twitter. Keep it up!” I’m still surprised by anyone paying attention to anything I have to say/write or feeling I should continue to say it. (I will. Like D’Angelo sings, I will never betray my heart.) … Continue reading Commencements, Remembrances, and CELEBRATIONS!