Case study: Defining a brand and UX for a champion artist

Laura Elisabeth Ulrich is a versatile, virtuoso artist. I used the Storyteller Package to help her define her brand and integrate her digital profiles to bring a wholeness to the experience of Laura Elisabeth UIrich online.

A cohesive picture of awesome

Laura Elisabeth Ulrich is a versatile, virtuoso artist for fans and show management who want high-quality performing arts experiences on stage and behind the scenes. She has a resume that boasts more than 20 years of performance and arts work – singing, acting, developing plans for shows, and more. As an artist on the move, Laura wanted her online spaces to reflect who she is and what she has to offer.

She had gotten me on a project before, and reached out to me again for help to get her “accounts and ‘faces’ in the digital world into a cohesive picture that makes sense regardless of which is stumbled across.” I used the Storyteller Package to help her define her brand and integrate her digital profiles to bring a wholeness to the experience of Laura Elisabeth UIrich online.

Using the “brain dump of junk” to find the brand

Laura had concerns about strategy for her Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. She felt her LinkedIn didn’t properly represent her, and she wasn’t sure which content to put where across profiles. She also felt there was “no stand-out brand, at the moment” and “There’s no cohesion or sense of purpose beyond a brain dump of junk.” She wanted it all done right, but didn’t have a lot of time herself to work on it. She was willing to give me “the keys” to her accounts to get them fixed up and take something off her full plate.

I looked across Laura’s platforms and researched to define all the roles Laura used to describe herself – actress, musician, model, dancer, artist, creative arts specialist, assistant director, lighting designer – and hone in on the qualities and skills expected of all those positions. Creative arts specialist and artist rose as the catch-all terms for her different activities. I also noted from her questionnaire responses that she has received feedback about her versatility, excellence, and quick learning. And in her own words, Laura said she offers her audience “A dedicated, hard-working, out-of-the-box thinking, go-getting, talented associate, and/or performer.” Her brand was there.

Making the artist stand out to build relationships

We needed to achieve the wow factor and distinguish Laura Elisabeth as not just a great voice or a hard worker but someone who loves the work and brings something special to it. To do this, we had to focus on illustrating her out-of-the-box approach, go-getter spirit, and versatility. We also needed to connect that with her love for the work which will contribute to building relationships with target audiences by meeting their needs.

Figuring out the audiences and their needs

Who were Laura’s target audiences? She said she visualized “Fans, directors, cast-mates, potential hire, future opportunities” engaging with her content. From that information, I filed them into two audience groups: “Fans & Castmates” and “Head Honchos.” For each group, I developed a list of their wants and needs – with some colorful details to help illustrate the point. Like “Not just for you to say, ‘I have some sandwiches,’ but for you to say ‘Hey, come eat some sandwiches with me.’” (It makes sense in context.)

Making the good happen and meeting needs

I used the lists of audience needs to analyze Laura’s website and social media to see if/how they were meeting the needs. Then I started making changes to meet those needs.

No matter what device was used to see Laura online, the UX had to feel like Laura was telling her audiences “Welcome to the show!” To do that, I had to provide more story across each profile to capture who the star of the show is – Laura Elisabeth Ulrich – and the many things she can do. I did this in short bios and profile summaries, an updated longer narrative bio, and job details (LinkedIn). I also had to relieve some of the users’ navigation burdens by reorganizing her gallery (as well as adding image descriptions and alt text) and site menu. To warm up her website and give it a dynamic and welcoming feel, I changed the black in her color scheme to a red reminiscent of stage curtains, and added Facebook and Instagram widgets to her front page.

Letting her fly with those wings

They key to this project was bringing out Laura’s personality and tapping into a healthy vulnerability to create a fuller picture of Laura as an artist and human. This would allow her to build connection with people who come across her profiles. To help with this, I provided Laura a short report detailing her brand position, what was working well, what I changed, and gave some recommendations for each platform to help her make the most of them in the future. She has already followed several of those recommendations, and her audiences are enjoying it.


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