Gale Crater Observer News Website

Gale Crater Observer ad of a green person reading a newspaper in front of a background of stars

Over the course of three days, I challenged myself to create a website for a local newspaper. Well... local if you happen to be on Mars. Yes, the planet. The Problems I wanted to address some pain points I had noticed with many local news sites and that I found others had noticed and documented, … Continue reading Gale Crater Observer News Website

The Kids Don’t Care (a Zine)

I created a zine about Millennials and generation Z and the thesis that we don't care about what's happening in our communities or the news. I talk about events that have happened in our lives, voter rates (and reasons for them), news consumption patterns, and more. Click the image below and jump in. Talkin' 'bout … Continue reading The Kids Don’t Care (a Zine)

The Fourth Estate and public relations (a throwback)

On Sunday, January 12, 2014, the Ruston Daily Leader printed a letter to the editor I wrote in response to an article in the paper three days prior. They ran it under the title "Heating a genuine concern. My younger brother was, at the time, in 8th grade at the laboratory school. I texted him … Continue reading The Fourth Estate and public relations (a throwback)